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Re: Another one eats lead

Postby Gary Brantley » Thu Aug 26, 2021 8:20 am

Paul, they are a lot of fun to shoot and very reliable too. I have four of them and all were built or partially built by the same guy here in Texas. If you want one today, I believe assembled rifles can still be bought for a fair price from an individual owner. The best place to find a rifle, and to learn a lot about them is at the FAL Files web site. There is more accumulated knowledge there on the FAL and its variants than any other place on the web. I am a member since 2002 but politics there have stopped me posting or even visiting there much lately, especially since early this year. But, that said, they do have a very active Marketplace forum and a new member can always post that he's looking for his first FAL rifle. I suspect many folks there would be glad to help you out on your quest. :grin:
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