1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

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1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby Cherrylock » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:02 pm

the kit is from AMT and not so easy to build, the colores are Enamel from Revell white and withe with a drop of sark green 61

instruction sheet

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Re: 1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby LyleW » Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:09 pm

That is super! Color is really nice.
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Re: 1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby BlackSheep214 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:44 pm

Now, who doesn’t love a Crown Vic? Lovely work. :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout:
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Re: 1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby keavdog » Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:15 pm

Looks sharp. Well done

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Re: 1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby midnightprowler » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:56 pm

Well done.
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Re: 1:25 1956 Ford Victoria

Postby Stikpusher » Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:09 pm

BlackSheep214 wrote:Now, who doesn’t love a Crown Vic? Lovely work. :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout: :shoutout:

I don’t... drove them for a lot of years and don’t think much of them... :whistle:

But the model looks good! :wink:
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