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Postby Stuart » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:48 pm

tigrazor wrote:My personal working horse:

Casio EXLIM 12.5X.

An old lady, but enough pixels and - more important - good macro mode. You may find it ridiculous, but Im traditional somehow. A PC for internet stuff. A mobile for calls. And - no wonder - a small pocket camera for pictures. Never used an IPhone or mobile for that. Never made bad experiences - cant say that from those superdupernew phonbes. Can you call so. with them after all?



Nothing wrong with that - I totally agree. I still take 90% of my family photos on 35mm film.
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Re: My camera

Postby Stikpusher » Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:55 pm

speedgraflex wrote:
Stikpusher wrote:
Thomas_M wrote:There is nothing ridiculous, Lucas. Everybody may use whatever serves him well. And yes, the more modern iPhones, 5S and up, make really good pictures!

Yes, my iPhone 7 has a great camera for close up work. Better than any camera I have owned for macro work. All of my photos for the past few months have been using my phone.

Carlos, you lucky fella! That's a beautiful camera, and I am envious—do you use a case? I have never been able to find a workable case for any phone I have owned. What do you use for background? I am currently exploring cost-effective black backgrounds for photographing small parts—my current solution is black poster board from Target for $1 a piece.


Just a basic case picked up from the phone store to give some protection. My phones have a tendency to get exposed to a rough life at times. As far as my backgrounds for photos I use mostly either plain white printer paper for the quick stuff, or bedsheets for the prepared/posed photos. I really like the simple editing program for photos as well.
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